Brand story


"The faint yellow body is soft, and the traces of emotion are far from fragrant. Why light blue and dark red, it is the first class among flowers", which is Li Qingzhao's description of the temperament and character of osmanthus in the Song Dynasty. Although only a few words, they are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Osmanthus fragrans, as the city flower of Suzhou, has its own distinctive regional characteristics. Bailu uses Osmanthus fragrans as its image symbol, which also endows the enterprise with spiritual significance and era value. At the same time, the image solution of Bailu is to combine the images of osmanthus, cloth, dye and water into a three-dimensional structure, which means the vivid and ingenious expression between raw materials, finished products, beauty and value in the dyeing and weaving industry.

It seems to have a flexible, joyful and relaxed smooth experience, reflecting the visual feeling of fabric movement. The graphics are full of associations and rich meanings. Whether in appearance or in essence, it can bear the attribute requirements of Bailiu business. Autumn laurels, like gold, represent "harvest".